Tall Cake Cutting Machine

This tall cake cutting machine is designed to cut large round products, up to 9 inches tall. The machine has been engineered to improve cut consistency of extra tall cakes, as well as provide efficiency, cost savings, and overall return on investment for the bakery. It will portion a wide variety of frozen or chilled round products with or without Divider Inserts between each slice. User-friendly operation means that little skill is required to produce portions in consistent sizes at high production rates. This model works well for bakeries trying to slice extra tall cakes.


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100-150 Products Per Hour

Machine Dimensions:
59" Tall, 39" Wide, 37" Long

Compressed Air 8 CFM @ 90 PSI
Electric 220V, 60 Cycle, 1 Phase, 12

Product Size Ranges:
6"-12" Diameter Products, 9" Tall

Portion Size Ranges:
4-24 Portions

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PDF Brochure


Tall Round Cake and Cutting Machine