Bakery Cutting Machine

This bakery cutting machine will slice a variety of frozen products in or out of the sheet pan or box. The machine features an automatic indexing process and automatic rotation from x to y axis cuts, requiring the machine operator to only load and unload the machine and push start. It also includes a servo-driven indexing system that allows the operator to choose from cut patterns saved in the computer system, reducing change over time between product lines. The servo also gives the option to cut parallelogram and triangle shapes to create unique portion shapes. This model is best for bakeries slicing 100-150 products per hour.

Bakery Cutting Machine - CS-10TWW-SR

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100 - 150 Products Per Hour

Machine Dimensions:
59" Tall, 55" Wide, 80" Long, 500 Lbs

Compressed Air 9 CFM @ 90 PSI
Electric 208V-240V, 6A

Product Size Ranges:
18" Wide, 30" Long, 4.5" Tall Products

Portion Size Ranges:
0.5" or Larger Portions

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PDF Brochure


Industrial Sheet Cake and Petit Four Slicing Machine