Inline Round Cake Slicer

This inline round cake slicer features four cutting stations with manual onload and automatic offload. It is designed to slice without Divider Inserts, but the ACCUSLICE-400RF includes the option to cut with Divider Inserts. Touch screen operation allows one operator to attain cutting speeds up to 15 cakes per minute with Divider Inserts, 20 cakes per minute without Divider Inserts. The machine has quick-change product holders and can cut various cake diameters. Each cutting station has servo-driven blade heads with pneumatic-driving cutting blades and the conveyor is run by a servo drive for accurate and fast positioning. This machine is best for a high production facility slicing more than 400 cakes per hour.


Inline Round Cake Slicer - ACCUSLICE-400

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From 450 To 1,200 Products Per Hour

Machine Dimensions:
98" Tall, 56" Wide, 310" Long, 8,000 Lbs

Compressed Air Depends On Model
Electric Depends On Model

Product Size Ranges:
6"-12" Diameter, 4" Tall Products

Portion Size Ranges:
4-24 Portions

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PDF Brochure


High Speed Round Cake Cutting Machine