Waterjet Cake Cutting Machine

For decades we’ve been portioning bakery products with stainless steel blades, wires, ultrasonic titanium blades, and even robotic arms, but as hard as we tried we couldn’t get these solutions to slice intricate shapes like hearts, flowers, trees, and more. So, our engineers, sales reps, service techs, and our most innovative customers got together and laid the groundwork for the ACCUJET-10, a waterjet cake cutting machine.

Waterjet Cake & Pastry Slicing Machine

Standard blade machines easily portion round cheesecakes into wedge slices, and full sheets of brownies into square bites, but if you want to be creative, say, for a holiday, hometown sports team, or corporate event, the ACCUJET-10 is the tool of choice. Whether it’s snowflakes in winter, palm trees in summer, or competing mascots for a sports championship, the ACCUJET-10 gives your bakery the accuracy and consistency to deliver that added level of personalization for your clients.

The ACCUJET-10 can portion a wide range of products, from cakes to pastries, pies, brownies, and more. And, since bakeries intrepid enough to slice unique shapes will probably still offer the tried and true wedge and square portions, this machine can be programmed to quickly switch between distinctive shapes and the usual suspects. Cut recipes are all stored in the onboard computer system and are selected by the operator via a large color touchscreen display.

The ACCUJET-10 will be showcased at this year’s iba Trade Fair in Munich, Germany in September. Stop by the FoodTools booth and check it out! And if you’re interested in test cutting your bakery products with a waterjet cutting machine contact your FoodTools representative here.


Test Cut

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