Baking trends can change the trajectory of the entire industry and gourmet marshmallows have done just that. Over the past few years we’ve seen more and more bakeries creating unique, delicious, and incredibly sweet marshmallow treats on a larger and larger scale. FoodTools has jumped aboard to help bakers streamline production lines by developing solutions for cutting gourmet marshmallows in an automated process.

cutting gourmet marshmallows

Many of FoodTools’ sheet cake cutting machines can be used to slice sheets of marshmallows as well. The thing to consider when preparing to slice a marshmallow product is temperature and texture. Changes in temperature can change the consistency of the product and can drastically effect the way the blade slices through as it is cutting. If the marshmallow is too sticky to slice with a straight blade try adjusting the temperature of the product to obtain a higher cut quality. If you are interested in test cutting your marshmallow products on a FoodTools machine contact your local FoodTools representative.


Watch this video “Kid in a Candy Store” with Plush Puffs in Burbank, CA using a CS-10TFWA to slice full sheets of marshmallows.