Energy Bar Manufacturing Equipment

The expanding energy bar market means that more bakers are incorporating FoodTools machines in their portioning process. FoodTools energy bar manufacturing equipment options can press and form various types of energy bars as well as cut and slice them into a wide range of shapes and sizes. Each machine can be custom fitted to meet the needs of the specific energy bar manufacturer.

Press and Forming Equipment

The CP-1H, CP-1F, and CP-2F are half and full sheet pressing machines that spread, compact, and form the granola, cereal, or dough of the energy bar recipe into a uniform and flat pan shape for baking or portioning. A measured amount of dough or granola is placed in the pan, and then loaded into the machine and a flat press head is lowered to deliver the regulated pressure spread evenly across the product. From there the pressed sheet is moved to the next step in the production process.

Portioning & Cutting Equipment

FoodTools slicing machines bring an added level of automation, consistency and accuracy to energy bar production lines by reducing the opportunity for human error in the cutting process. Full or half sheets of energy bars are sliced by machines like the CS-RS for half sheets, or the CS-10TWWA for full sheets. The cut patterns, or recipes, can be changed quickly and easily to accommodate a wide range of styles and types of energy bars as well as final product sizes.

More automated machines like the ACCUSLICE-10MX incorporate a servo positioned table with a computer controlled PLC, allowing for triangles and diamonds to be cut in addition to square and rectangle bars. The ACCUSONIC-10UX employs an ultrasonic blade, vibrating 20,000 times per second, to effectively slice sticky or delicate products, offering a cutting solution for nearly every type of energy bar.

For large scale production lines the ACCUSLICE and ACCUSONIC inline machines include conveyors, automatic onload and offload, and a host of custom solutions to completely integrate the cutting process into a high speed energy bar production line.

From the half sheet press to fully automated inline solutions, FoodTools offers precision portioning equipment for energy bar production. Click here to contact FoodTools if you’d like to test press or test slice your products.

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