Industry Leader in Portion Control

What does it meant to be the Industry Leader in Portion Control? We asked FoodTools representatives about leading the portioning industry, what it took to get there, and the people behind the success of the company.

FoodTools Film – Industry Leader in Portion Control

Becoming the leader of any industry takes effort, time, and expertise. Doug Petrovich, Vice President of FoodTools in South Haven, Michigan said that being the industry leader means that

We have the highest level of technology available for our customers so that we can provide the best solution for their cutting needs in their bakery.

Martin Grano, FoodTools President & CEO in Santa Barbara, California, has been with the company since the beginning and attributes the success to focusing on the baking industry and not overextending services outside the area of expertise.

We grew up with many of these customers. I remember many of our customers were just startups back in the early 80’s.

Ryan Lantieri, International Sales Manager, believes that selling the best product and offering the best service on the market allows FoodTools to give customers a full service solution. Ilan Amzallag, FoodTools United Kingdom Manager, agrees that it is the quality of the machines, engineers, and the way FoodTools engages with customers that keeps the company on the cutting edge.

David Thomson, Vice President of Manufacturing in South Haven, follows FoodTools machines from design to delivery and says that FoodTools excels with

The thought for the end user, the thought for the customer purchasing the equipment, that we go above and beyond and stretch our expectations just to make sure we exceed theirs.

For Sergio Caballero, North America Sales & Service, it’s an honor to be the industry leader of portion control. For FoodTools sales and service representatives, saving time on production for customers is not only profitable, but fun and rewarding. Michael Zhen, FoodTools China Manager, notes that because of the high quality of equipment and service, FoodTools commands nearly 90% of the portion control business in China.

Martin Grano notes that FoodTools simply wants to “invent and deliver products that our customers need to make them successful.” He points out that the FoodTools employees are what make the company special.

It’s not I, I, I, it’s We. It’s We in the company, just like it’s We with our customers. That’s how I hope we’ll stay in business forever.

What the FoodTools Film “Industry Leader in Portion Control” here.

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