In 1983 a baker and an inventor recognized an opportunity…the baker was having problems cutting cakes and inserting pieces of paper between the slices to make the product look professional.  The inventor was full of ideas.  Together they envisioned a machine, and they built it.  FoodTools was born with the CS-2, an electric machine that could cut a cake into even portions and deposit a Divider Insert between the slices.

In late 1983 a local businessman came upon this growing company and joined the team bringing his marketing experience and business focus to help increase the company’s sales.  The businessman soon bought the managing share of the company and continued to push for growth in the bakery market.

FoodTools began with a focus on slicing round cakes and our first few machines were built for this purpose.  FoodTools holds several patents including a patent for our system to mechanically slice and deposit a Divider Insert into a cake as well as the mechanical system to automatically index and turn the cake from slice to slice while cutting.  FoodTools soon outgrew the round cake cutting market and with more experienced employees began inventing machines to cut sheet cakes, breads, cheese, horizontal layers, and more.

FoodTools still operates a manufacturing, sales, and service facility out of Santa Barbara, California but the company has opened several other offices around the world.  FoodTools Central in South Haven, Michigan also has a production floor, sales staff, and service technicians to cover eastern North America.  FoodTools UK is a sales and service office located in London, England.  FoodTools China is the newest office and operates sales and service from Zhuhai, China.

FoodTools is today a global company focused on advancements in the food portioning industry.  There are FoodTools machines right now portioning products from Australia to Romania.  Years of experience and expertise has made FoodTools the industry leader of food portioning equipment.

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