Belly Up To The Pie Bar

A rising trend in North America echos back to the good ol’ days of the local diner, except instead of serving up black coffee and greasy dishes, patrons are feasting on artisanal pies. So called “Pie Bars” are catching fire, expanding across the United States and around the world. Pie Bars have contributed to the 10% growth of pie sales in the last year reported by the Neilsen Company.

So whats fueling this craze? First, it’s the bars. Like coffee shops, the pie bar is becoming a social epicenter for local communities. Bar stools, cafe tables, and an open ambiance welcome regulars and new customers to connect over shared slices of pie. Some say that in a time when our nation feels most polar, a comfort food such as pie can work wonders bringing us back together.

But even more than bar stools and the atmosphere of the store, the pies themselves are fresh, innovative, and delicious. Some customers experience sticker shock of artisanal pies, commanding as much as $8 per slice and $42 per pie, but the majority of clientele leave raving reviews on pie bar social media pages, drawing in crowds of new patrons.

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approaching, there is no doubt that demand for seasonal pies will increase. As you prepare your own bakery to supply holiday pies to your dedicated customers don’t forget to take a look at pie portioning solutions from FoodTools. The growing trend of Pie Bars means more and more consumers are looking for by the slice options, and FoodTools pie cutting machines are prepared to slice pies in the pan or tin. For more information contact you local FoodTools representative.

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