Slicing Horizontal Cake Layers

Sure, we can cut completed layer cakes into slices to be served to hungry customers, but did you know that FoodTools can cut sponge cakes into horizontal layers to be made into delicious layer cakes? We call the process “slabbing” and we have several machines built to slab layers for small to large production lines.

Many bakeries are still slicing horizontal slabs for layer cake production by hand. Not only is this time consuming, but it is not completely accurate and unfortunately can lead to increased waste due to inconsistent slabs. Not to mention the liability of extra knives being used around the bakery. Instead of slicing by hand, some bakeries have invested in automated cutting machines like the CS-8 Series.

Both round and sheet cakes can be sliced into horizontal slabs. The base level machine uses one reciprocating blade to cut a bottom and top portion, but the higher production machines can include 4 blades and cut a cake into 5 slabs at once. Not only will this speed up your layer cake production line, it will improve your cut quality and consistency.

To test cut your layer cakes into slabs contact a FoodTools representative.


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