Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee

Ever noticed these stickers on bakery equipment machines and wondered what BISSC is?


The Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee (BISSC) was formed in 1949 to create standards for the design and construction of bakery equipment. Since then the committee has helped bakery equipment manufacturers improve the design, safety, and sanitation of the machines used in your baking facilities.

In 1966 the BISSC Office of Certification began recognizing equipment that was built to BISSC standards, allowing bakery equipment manufacturers to add a BISSC CERTIFIED sticker to machines that are built to the group’s standards. Bakery equipment manufacturers can also involve a third party who will check all specification and can award a BISSC VERIFIED sticker on machines that are third party checked to BISSC standards.

BISSC is closely related to AIB International and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIB in 2007. FoodTools is proud to be involved with both AIB International and BISSC and our machines are designed to meet and exceed all safety and sanitation standards for the baking industry.


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