Greasing Your Dial Hub

The dial hub assembly on a FoodTools machine is what properly positions the cakes as they are being cut. If the assembly is herky-jerky, loose, or turning slowly, you can end up with uneven cake slices. Greasing the dial hub assembly will improve the efficiency of your machine and result in consistent portion sizes. To learn more about greasing a dial hub assembly watch the tutorial video below about how to grease the dial hub of a CS-4AAC.

Greasing Your Dial Hub Tutorial Video

Greasing Your Dial Hub Instructions

To properly grease your dial hub assembly you will need a grease gun with food grade grease, which can be purchased from FoodTools. Consult your owners manual to locate the Zerk fitting on your machine and attach the female Zerk fitting on the end of the grease gun to the machine. Pump the grease gun several times, or until you see white grease seeping from the dial hub assembly.


Remove the grease gun and turn the dial hub several times by hand, spreading the clean grease throughout the dial hub assembly. Use a paper towel or cloth to clean the excess grease from around the hub and restart the machine to test the indexing action of the greased hub.


We recommend adding this process to your regular preventative maintenance schedule. Greasing the dial hub assembly often will help remove dirty grease that could eventually gum up the dial assemblies, causing uneven portions or mechanical downtime to disassemble and repair. If you have any questions about greasing the dial hub assembly contact your FoodTools sales and service representative.

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