Slice Triangles In Quarter Sheet Pans

FoodTools can now cut triangle shapes inside quarter sheet pans with an economical stand alone machine. In the past, the only way to achieve this slice was to purchase a high production, inline machine, a considerable investment for baking facilities. The new accessories on the CS-10E bring this cutting process to the larger market, making it easier for all bakeries to accomplish.

Slice Triangles In Quarter Sheet Pans

Slice Triangles In Quarter Sheet Pans CS-10E

4 Quarter Sheets Per Minute
240 Quarter Sheets Per Hour

The CS-10E is a proven machine in the baking industry and is used to portion and slice sheets of brownies, rice crispy treats, granola bars, biscotti, and more.  Most often the machine is used to slice products that are removed from the pan and placed on a product holder.  Custom accessories allow a facility to slice these bakery products inside the pan.portfolio_CS-10E

The photos above show the new setup slicing chocolate cake in a quarter sheet foil pan.  The cake is baked in the pan and moved to the cutting station.  Next the products still in the pans are taken to the packaging station to be packaged and shipped for consumer sales.

The benefit to this upgrade is that bakeries shipping quarter sheet products in baking pans can now portion the products without the extra step of removing the products from the pan and then repackaging for shipping.  Save time and investment by using an all in one solution.


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