The Tortilla Industry Association has been serving the tortilla industry since 1989. Members include tortilla manufacturers, industry suppliers, distributors, and other companies with interests in the rapidly growing tortilla industry. This month the organization hosted the annual TIA convention in San Diego, California, a hotbed for flat bread production. In case you missed TIA 2016 read on for our recap on the event.


The week-long event included receptions, educational sessions, and a two day trade show. FoodTools representatives Mario Hernandez and Sergio Caballero attended and displayed a TC-1 tortilla chip slicing machine and a TS-1 tortilla strip cutting machine. Tortilla manufacturers visited the booth through the two day expo catching up on FoodTools innovations and discussing upcoming projects.

TIA 2016

The TC-1 tortilla chip cutting machine is a tried and true solution for tortilla manufacturers. Small to midsize chip makers find the TC-1 valuable, while larger production facilities typically use the TC-2 or TC-5A2 for larger capacity.

The TS-1 is a tabletop tortilla strip slicer and is gaining in popularity as more facilities are looking to add tortilla strips to their product line. The unit is compact and efficient and can cut a high volume of strips from flat bread products.

The TIA 2016 convention was another successful event and FoodTools is proud to support the tortilla industry.