Climbing The Production Ladder

For more than 30 years FoodTools has been helping all sizes of bakeries improve efficiency, quality, and consistency in the portioning process. In the past three decades all types and sizes of bakeries have put FoodTools equipment to work in the production line. FoodTools specifically designs and builds equipment to be used as a step by step ladder for growing bakeries.

Small & Start-Up Production

Economical Production Slicing with the CS-1FPThe most basic slicing machine produced by FoodTools is the CS-1FP. This foot powered cutting machine requires no utilities, only a round cake and a machine operator to press the foot pedal. The machine is economical and simple and can be easily added to any small bakery production kitchen.

Midsize & Semi-Automatic Production

Medium production slicing with the CS-4AACThe next step up from the most basic and economical machine is a line of equipment that is semi-automatic. Not completely automated, but with enough upgrades to improve efficiency and reduce the cycle time. Most bakeries move to this level of machine once portioning with fully manual equipment has become the bottleneck in production. For example, the CS-4AAC pictured here can double or even triple the per hour output as compared to the previous machine, the CS-1FP. Adding different levels of automation can make a big difference for a time and resource strapped bakery. FoodTools actually offers several levels of semi-automatic machines that best fit the production levels of the bakery at the time. Each machine model is designed for different stages of growth and as the bakery grows FoodTools will be able to help upgrade and update the portioning equipment to meet the demand needs.

Full Automation & Inline Production

The final stage of production growth is inline and fully automatic equipment. Fully automatic equipment can be stand alone units requiring a machine operator to load and unload the products. The fully inline system, pictured here below, is a conveyor fed system with automatic on-load and off-load capabilities, making it the fastest and most efficient system for a high production facility.

High Production Slicing with the ACCUSLICE-500RF

Improve efficiency, quality, and consistency in the portioning process

No matter the size of your bakery, FoodTools has a machine to fit your needs. Contact a FoodTools representative today!

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