From coffee shops to grocery stores, loaf cake products have been a popular favorite the past few years.  Some loaf cakes are sold as a whole product, to be portioned later by the customer, but more consumers are looking for single serve or pre-portioned bakery products, and in recent years the sliced loaf cake has gained market share.  In order to efficiently and cost effectively cut loaf cakes in high production facilities bakers are looking for machines that offer high speed loaf cake slicing.


The ACCUSONIC-100LS is capable of cutting up to 90 loaves per minute.  The ultrasonic blades give the machine the capability to slice loaf products that are warm, ambient, or sticky, without compromising the cut quality.  For extremely high production facilities a complete inline slicing system can be implemented, including a conveyor loading stage as well as a conveyor unloading system, minimizing human interaction during the cutting process.  The growing popularity of sliced loaf cakes means that systems like this will continue to evolve, become faster, and push the limits of current production capacities.

High Speed Loaf Cake Slicing

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