Slicing Seasonal Treats

While the holiday season may look a little different this year, one thing that seems to always stay the same is people’s preference to share seasonal desserts with friends and family. Whether you’re baking pumpkin pies for autumn festivities, or boxing fruitcakes to send to every contact in the rolodex, if you’re pre-portioning your desserts, FoodTools has a solution for you.

Pies are a regular favorite around the holidays, and round product portioning machines quickly and accurately cut pies into individual slices. Frozen pies are cut with a mechanical stainless steel blade, like those used in CS and ACCUSLICE machines, while fresh, ambient, or delicate pies are often cut with ACCUSONIC machines using an ultrasonic blade. Most machines are also designed to place paper Divider Inserts between the slices to maintain freshness and product stability as pieces are being served.

Machines are outfitted for pie portioning by using custom designed product holders to support the bottom and sides of tins, and blades that are designed and manufactured with angled cutouts to perfectly cut along the bottom and angled sides of the pan. To switch from slicing pies back to cutting round cakes the product holder and blade can be changed, though depending on the production quantities, it may make more sense to use a dedicated machine for each.

In addition to cakes and pies, dessert bars, brownies, biscotti, loaves, and rolls are often favorites around the holidays. While some FoodTools slicing machines are versatile and can portion round and sheet products, as well as loaves and rolls, for bakeries specializing in just one type of sheet or dessert bar product, our dedicated sheet slicing solutions are an ideal option.

For smaller production facilities, with lower volumes or only producing products in half sheets, the CS-RS half sheet semi-automatic machine is perfect. The ACCUSLICE-10MX is ideal for mid-size bakeries making multiple sheet product types, and large scale production facilities get the most value from our inline systems, including the ACCUSONIC-100FS or ACCUSLICE-100FS.

But it’s not only end products that need to be portioned. To make a run of cakes, brownies, or bars, lots of ingredients need to be mixed together, and here our 5-AF ingredient reduction machine shines. For any bakery breaking down large, 40lb blocks of butter for mixing, automating the reduction process can not only save time and labor, but can save wear and tear on your mixing equipment.

While it’s likely that this holiday season will be different as compared to years past, it’s also apparent that amid the chaos, consumers are reaching out for the comfort foods they are used to. The recent State Of The Snack Cakes industry report from Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery pointed out that while this year has been unique due to the global pandemic, consumers still value desserts and snack cakes, especially those that are pre-portionioned.

Position your baked good for easy distribution, either as single serving sales, or pre-portioned packages meant to be shared at socially distanced gatherings. If you’re ready to test portion your bakery products before the holidays swing into gear, contact a FoodTools representative today!

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