FoodTools machines are being used for ice cream cake cutting in bakeries around the world, some with simple stainless steel blades, others ultrasonic slicing systems, and even a few employing robotic arms. No matter the portioning technology, these machines successfully slice round and sheet ice cream products, as well as rolls, loaves, and more.



The video above shows a wide range of ice cream products and solutions. For round ice cream cake cutting, machines ranging from our small economical semi-automatic units up to fully inline systems most often use either standard stainless steel blades or custom narrow low profile blades shown in the image below. In some bakeries ultrasonic blades are used, but more on that later.

Ice Cream Cake Cutting - CS-2000

Sheets of ice cream cake can also be sliced using the CS-RS half sheet slicer, designed for smaller facilities with limited space, all the way up to our fully automated, computer operated full sheet portioning systems. The ideal machine meets your production throughput needs as well as delivers the best cut quality for your unique product makeup.

Ice Cream Cake Cutting - Sheets


If a standard stainless steel blade delivers sub par cut quality, the next option is using an ultrasonic system, which includes a titanium blade that vibrates so quickly that nothing can stick to it. These machines are a bigger investment, but can deliver better results. Ultrasonic systems are options on both round and sheet cutting machines, from small economical units to fully automated lines.


The “ice cream of the crop” for frozen dairy portioning is the RPS line of robotic ultrasonic slicing machines. By combining an ultrasonic system with a robotic arm, the operator can slice virtually any size product into any number pieces, portioning both round and sheet cakes by simply changing the product holder and selecting the correct cut pattern in the PLC control panel. The RPS line is not always our fastest option, but does offer the most customization and control of your finished product.

If your production line’s bottleneck is ice cream cake cutting, or you’re considering a value add to your existing offerings, contact a FoodTools representative today and schedule a test cut of your frozen dairy products on a FoodTools machine!

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