Forming Unique Crumb Crusts

Our engineering team is never shy about trying something new, so when one of our customers showed our sales representative how they were making thick pie crusts that stack up over the top of the pie tin by hand, our team jumped into action. The baker first showed us how he hand packs his unique mix of coarse dry graham crumbs into each pie tin, carefully stacking and packing a large mound around the perimeter of the top of the pan.

The baker already had a CS-7C crumb spinning machine for other crumb products, but had not figured out how to pack the crumb base above the angled walls of the pie tins. Our engineers discussed a few options, and presented a custom pie tin holder and matching plow that when used together can create pie crusts like he was making by hand, but with an automated process. Not only is it faster than working by hand, but the CS-7C with custom accessories has made his pie crusts more consistent, no matter who is making them, and are more durable and hold up better during the baking and slicing processes because the crust is packed tighter and more evenly.

Video of the CS-7C forming unique pie crusts

Additionally, the bakery was using the same graham crust recipe for round cake pans with flat sidewalls and wanted to make the crumb walls thicker than a standard round plow could pack. Our team used the same ideas to build a custom bottom and side round plow to be used specifically with their tall round cake pans.

Their products are unique, and not every baker will need these custom crumb spinning accessories, but it goes to show that even if you are making a special bakery product and you’re not sure how to automate the process, our engineers are here and ready to figure it out for you. Give them a call today!



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