Cutting A Full Sheet Sandwich

One of the more interesting requests we’ve received came from a manager in a food production facility asking if we could slice a full sheet sandwich. A what? Whoa, that sounds like a lot of bread, cheese, lettuce, and deli meat, but yeah, we should be able to make it work! After some test cutting, and plenty of taste testing, we settled on using the CS-10E machine to quickly and efficiently portion the full sheet creation into single serving sandwiches to be included in prepackaged meals to-go.

While sandwiches are not our typical go-to product, with a little creative engineering we were able to design the perfect sandwich sheet holder to keep the product in place. By controlling the sheet product’s core temperature the production facility is able to achieve high quality cuts and remove the human bottleneck of slicing the sandwiches by hand, not to mention that each sandwich is always the same size, no matter who is doing the cutting.

The CS-10E is the ideal equipment solution due to it’s speed and efficiency. The machine uses a blade set that cuts the x and y axis at the same time. The full sheet sandwich is simply placed into the product holder on the machine and the operator presses the start button. The platform is then automatically indexed into position to make the programed number of cuts to portion it from a full sheet to individual sandwiches. As the machine is cutting, the operator is preparing the next sheet, reducing the total time spent in portioning the product for distribution.

This video shows the CS-10E cutting various food products.

Our engineering team enjoyed the challenge of using a “cake cutting” machine to portion this unique product. They also enjoyed taste testing the sandwiches, so if you’ve created a special food or desert item that you’re not sure how to quickly and accurately portion, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you find the ideal portioning solution! Contact FoodTools Here.


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