Cheese Market News – FoodTools Article

In the April 12th issue of Cheese Market News FoodTools was highlighted for our offering of cutting edge technology for cheese production facilities. Rena Archwamety from Cheese Market News wrote about the newest equipment innovations, trends we’ve seen in the industry, and how machines can help dairy producers streamline their production process.

Cheese Market News - FoodTools Article

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In addition to our tried and true cheese slicing machines, Rena focused on our custom solutions and highlighted a unique use case that involved using 3 different machines to portion aged hard Gouda wheels for distribution.

The 3 step process begins with placing the wheels on the 5-CWS scoring machine, making a slight cut through the hard rind of the cheese to make it easier to slice. Next, the wheel is placed on the 5-HA unit and with wires or blades that cut wheels into horizontal cheese slabs. The final step uses the 5-AF wire harp machine to cut the horizontal layers into wedges or blocks for distribution.

Whether you’re looking for a standard cheese slicing unit, or need to find a custom solution to your unique cheese product, our FoodTools machines are the perfect way to streamline your production, improve accuracy, and reduce waste. Contact a FoodTools rep to schedule your test cut today!

Full Cheese Market News article: Click Here

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