Making Cookie Crumb Crust for Pies

Making cookie crumb crust for pies, tarts, and other round dessert treats is easy with the automatic crumb base spinning machine. No matter the size of your pie pan, angle of the sides, reusable or one time use tins, the spinning plow can be designed to give you consistent and evenly pressed crumb bases every time.

Making Cookie Crumb Crust for Pies Video

The CS-7C is used by bakeries around the world to spin and press crumb bases into round pans. Custom accessories can be fabricated for any size and shape of pie pans, with a matching base to support the angled sides, and the plow fitting exactly inside the pan, providing even pressure the pack crumbs across the bottom and up the sides. The spinning action compacts the graham cracker or cookie crumbs, improving stability through the rest of the baking process and resulting in even crumb thickness for each slice served.

Making Cookie Crumb Crust for Pies

Are you packing or pressing pie crumb bases by hand? Replacing the manual process can speed up your production time, remove variances in the final product, and improve your pie crust quality. Contact FoodTools today to schedule a test with your crumbs on the CS-7C.

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CS-7C Description – This crumb base forming machine disperses and hard-packs a pre-measured amount of virtually any recipe crumb mix consistently in most cake pans and pie tins. This unit can spread crumbs in the pan bottoms only, the bottoms and the sidewalls of the pan or pie tin, or at a pre-determined height up the sidewall of the pan with a custom spreader accessory. The crumbs are spread the same every time, so no matter who is operating the machine the cake bases come out consistent. This machine is perfect for bakeries packing 20 or more crumb crusts per day.

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