As the market for home delivered prepared meals continues to grow, FoodTools has been working with food production facilities to streamline the preparation process. Consumers are flocking to meal providers for fast, healthy, organic, and delicious options in place of preparing food at home. We recently designed a lasagna cutting machine to help reduce the manual labor and introduce an added layer of accuracy and consistency for the distribution of prepared meals.

Lasagna Cutting Machine FoodTools


This project incorporated a custom blade set installed on the CS-10E sheet slicing machine. Using a blade set allowed the quarter sheet of lasagna to be cut into 10 equal portions with a single drop of the blade. The CS-10E will also be used to slice the customer’s dessert cakes, sandwiches, and a variety of other portioned products that are included in the home delivery meals.

Lasasgna Slicing Machine FoodTools

Various FoodTools machines can be used to slice lasagna and by test cutting your products with a FoodTools representative they can help you pick the most productive model. When slicing a multi-layered product such as lasagna it is important to find the ideal temperature and slicing machine to achieve the best possible cut quality. Contact your FoodTools representative to test cut your home delivery food products and find your lasagna cutting machine today!