How To Remove A Cheesecake From The Pan

If you search “how to remove a cheesecake from the pan” on the internet you’ll find a myriad of instructions involving springform pans, plastic wrap, oils, stove tops, and even blow torches. Wowza! While these methods can be effective for home bakers, commercial bakeries need something more consistent and efficient.

Many commercial bakeries we work with use bottomless pans for cheesecake production. These are similar to springform pans, but without the spring. In a commercial bakery this just isn’t economical. Instead, we worked with leading cheesecake facilities to design and build a better solution. They asked for something small, simple, robust, and consistent. The result? The FoodTools CD-9B Cake Depanning Machine.

How To Remove A Cheesecake From The Pan

In a typical commercial bakery an entire rack of cheesecakes are made at a time and chilled in the walk in freezer. Once ready for packaging the rack is rolled to a production table where the CD-9B sits ready to be put to work. One baker can empty a rack of cheesecakes in a matter of minutes and pass them down the line to be packaged or sent along to be portioned before distribution. We’ve even heard of one operator depanning as many as 360 cheesecakes in just 1 hour! That’s a lot of cheesecakes!

How To Remove A Cheesecake From The Pan – Video

The benefits of the CD-9B are realized immediately. The inefficiencies of loosening a cheesecake with a knife or heating the walls of the pan with a blowtorch are easily replaced with the simple action of grabbing the cake off the rack, placing it on the machine, stepping on the foot pedal, and passing the depanned cake on. It should also be obvious that removing a blowtorch from an employee’s process is a reduction in liability that any business owner can appreciate.

To test depan your cake products contact your local FoodTools representative here!

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