Cutting Tofu Cubes

Tofu has become an increasingly popular product in food production facilities, and while FoodTools specializes in dessert portioning equipment, we’ve adapted several of our solutions to be used for cutting tofu cubes.

Cutting Tofu Cubes

Cutting Tofu Cubes

The tofu cube cutting process is not unlike slicing desserts. Tofu’s consistency lends itself to be sliced by both stainless steel blades and wires, depending on the temperature of the product and the final portion shape and size. A project that we recently engineered sliced sheets of tofu into small cubes to be used in packaged foods for grocery store distribution. A custom step blade was built to diagonally slice the sheet, creating the tofu cubes.

The same can be done with a straight blade and program strips to cut the sheet of tofu bites via an x and y axis. Both solutions are efficient and accurate and choosing one depends on the FoodTools machine being used as well as other products that the facility will also be portioning.

Are you slicing sheets of tofu by hand? Contact a FoodTools representative to schedule a test cut today!

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