Changing A Horizontal Slicing Blade

In this tutorial, Sergio Caballero changes a blade on a horizontal slabbing machine (CS-8 Series). Blades can be replaced for wear and tear, removed for cleaning, or to install a different style of blade to slice a unique product line. Follow these easy steps and watch the video below to install your horizontal slabbing blade.

Changing a Horizontal Slicing Blade


  • 7/16″ Open End Wrench
  • 5/32″ Allen Wrench
  • New Blade


First, turn off the main power to the machine and unplug it from the wall. Safety first, people!

Once the power is disconnected from the machine it is safe to remove the guards to access the blade assembly. Begin by using the 7/16″ wrench to loosen the lock nuts on both sides of the drive link assembly underneath the conveyor platform. After loosening the lock nuts turn the drive link assembly by hand to reduce the tension on the blade. As the rocker arms come together the blade will bow up slightly. Use the 5/32″ hex key to remove the blade block clamps from each side of the blade. Remove the blade.

At this point perform maintenance or cleaning on the existing blade or prepare your new blade to be installed.

Set the blade on top of the rocker arms and loosely replace the blade block clamps with the Allen wrench. Reapply tension to the blade by turning the drive link assembly beneath the conveyor belt. Once the bow is reduced and the blade is completely flat between the rocker arms use the 7/16″ to tighten the lock nuts on both sides of the drive link assembly. Use the allen wrench to fully tighten the blade block clamps and the process is complete. Reinstall the guards, plug in the machine, and get back to production!

If you have any additional questions or need other help with your horizontal slabbing machine contact your FoodTools service representative today!


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