We often think of the automotive industry as a hotbed for robotic technologies and intelligent automation, but in recent years more bakeries have begun using robots for food processing as well. Robots and automated machines first began appearing in packaging and shipping lines of food production facilities, but recently prototype units have been used for preparing and portioning food products before post processing.


FoodTools is investing in robotic assemblies, vision guidance systems, light curtain safety features, and other intelligent technologies to improve the process of conveying, portioning, and preparing products for packaging. Several robot slicing machines are already in bakeries cutting round and sheet cakes with ultrasonic blades.

In addition to using robots for portioning and packaging some food producers are integrating them into pre-production and production processes. From picking apples, to harvesting lettuce, to creating artisan pizzas, this short video from WIRED highlights some of the newest technological advances in the food industry.


As new technologies are implemented in food production facilities, the main goal is not to simply reduce human labor and replace everyone with machines. Instead, using machines to automate the basic and repetitive tasks frees up humans to do what they do best, be creative. Machines that cut, slice, press, and portion bakery products allow the artisan baker to spend more time creating specialty deserts, testing new recipes, and producing the most delicious treats possible.

For more information about using robots for food processing and cutting cakes with a robotic machine contact a FoodTools Sales Representative today!

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