Ice Cream Cakes

Bonnie and Clyde, Ben and Jerry, Cheech and Chong…some of the greatest duos of our time still can’t hold a candle to one of the most delicious bakery pairs ever…ice cream and cake.

While it isn’t known who first combined ice cream and cake, we’re sure that without this innovation in baking, every kid’s birthday party would be a little less delicious. Ice cream cakes come in an infinite variety of delectable styles from sheet cakes to round cakes to pie and loaf slices and more. Each treat is unique and FoodTools has designed various ice cream cake cutting machines for bakeries around the world.

Ice cream cakes combine layers of sponge cake and ice cream requiring some innovative ways to use machines to cut the product into sliced portions. Cake cutting engineers use stainless steel blades, titanium ultrasonic systems, and even wires to strategically portion hard to slice ice cream cakes. Special blades are designed to cut ice cream pies and bakers can use patented Divider Inserts to place a paper divider between each slice.

FoodTools clients cut a wide variety of ice cream products and if you’d like to test cut your ice cream cakes contact a local FoodTools representative.

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