Rice Krispie Treats have been making a comeback. Many people remember making or eating rice krispie treats as a kid and some of those kids have grown up to become bakers and they continue to enjoy creating this classic treat. The key in today’s economy is to make great tasting treats as inexpensively as possible. How do we make rice krispies more efficient? Use automated machines in your rice krispie treat production line!

The treats first need to be spread out in a sheet pan and compacted into a slab of product to be cut into bars or squares. Most of the time the treats are spread out over the sheet  pan and then pressed by hand or packed in a sheet by using a rolling pin. There has to be an easier way! This is where the CP-1F comes in.

This full sheet press machine can take a sheet of rice krispie treats and press it in no time. The machine not only flattens the top of the product into an even surface, it compacts the treats themselves into the right density for your specifications. One person can easily press 1 sheet of rice krispie treats per minute, or 60 sheets an hour.  In an efficient production floor more than 120 sheets could be pressed an hour. Watch the video here to see this process in action:


What do you do after it is pressed? The sheets can then be moved to the FoodTools CS-10TWWA slicing machine to be cut into squares or rectangles. The CS-10TWWA is a fully automatic slicing machine, so the operator only needs to set the tray on the platform and push the buttons. Two or more trays can be sliced each minute, more than 120 an hour!  Now that’s an efficient way to make a classic treat!

Rice Krispie Treat Production Line


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