Two Way Cheese Slicing Machine

FoodTools recently released a new and improved two way cheese slicing machine to portion cheese and other dairy products. The 5-JR is a redesign of a proven machine that takes wire grid slicing to a new level by adding a horizontal slice to the typical vertical cut. The 5-JR is designed to meet dairy production facilities safety and sanitation standards while offering cutting edge efficiency and consistency that directly impacts the bottom line. The 5-JR is rated to portion up to 120 products per hour and can handle a wide range of cheese wheels, blocks, or loaves. The cut pattern is custom to order and various specific and unique portion sizes can be designed. Below is a video showing the 5-JR in action slicing two types of cheese loaves.

Two Way Cheese Slicing Machine

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Two Way Cheese Slicing Machine - 5-JR

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