Cutting Big Butter Blocks? No Problem!

Are you cutting big butter blocks, margarine, cream, or other products for ingredients? Do you throw large chunks of ingredients into a mixer to be processed? Do you worry about wear and tear on your mixers? The 5-AF wire slicing machine is being used by bakers around the world for ingredient reduction. Large 40-50 lb blocks of butter are placed on the 5-AF and a wire grid is pulled through the butter. This slices the block into much smaller logs of butter that can be placed into a mixer without adding extra resistance and damaging the mixer’s components and assemblies. Are you already slicing your blocks of butter and ingredients down to size by hand? Using the 5-AF reduces repetitive motion for your staff and adds safety by taking the knives out of people’s hands and instead using a reliable machine. The 5-AF can be operated by one person and can maximize your efficiency. Call today to schedule your demo!

Cutting Big Butter Blocks - 5-AF

Cutting Big Butter Blocks? Use the 5-AF Ingredient Reducer.

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