Cutting A Killer Brownie®

The Dayton Business Journal recently interviewed Chimene Ross, head of Killer Brownie distribution in Dayton, Ohio. The triple layer brownies have developed a cult following and are distributed by the hundreds of thousands around the world each year. Check out the portioning process as the bakery uses the FoodTools CS-10TWWA sheet cake cutting machine to quickly and consistently slice the brownie sheets into portions for packaging and shipment.

CS-10TWWA – Brownie Cutter

Brownie Cutter - Killer Brownie®
Photo by Killer Brownie®

The CS-10TWWA is a full sheet cake slicing machine. It uses a mechanical blade and can cut brownies and other frozen sheet cake products into predetermined portions. The machine has an automatic cycle, simply requiring the operator to load the machine and push start. While the sheet product is being sliced the operator can then prepare the next sheet for the cutting cycle. This machine is good for bakeries slicing 100-150 sheet products per hour.


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