Full Sheet Hydraulic Dough Pressing Machine

This dough pressing machine is designed to press product across the bottom of a full sheet pan quickly and with consistent pressure. The machine can hold up to 1 full sheet pan and uses a hydraulic press with 20,000 lbs of force to spread and flatten the product into the pan. A PLC controller and monitored safety system means that no matter who operates the machine the product is pressed evenly every time. The machine is designed to reduce labor cost and improve product quality and is best for bakeries pressing more than 100 pans per run.


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Up To 240 Products Per Hour

Machine Dimensions:
55" Tall, 45" Wide, 72" Long, 1500 Lbs

Electric 208-240V, 8.5A 3-Phase

Product Size Ranges:
18" Diameter Round or 30" x 18" Square Product Pans

Pan Style Ranges:
Aluminum & Foil Round and Square Pans

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PDF Brochure