Crumb Base Forming Machine

This crumb base forming machine disperses and hard-packs a pre-measured amount of virtually any recipe crumb mix consistently in most cake pans and pie tins. This unit can spread crumbs in the pan bottoms only, the bottoms and the sidewalls of the pan or pie tin, or at a pre-determined height up the sidewall of the pan with a custom spreader accessory. The crumbs are spread the same every time, so no matter who is operating the machine the cake bases come out consistent. This machine is perfect for bakeries packing 20 or more crumb crusts per day.


Crumb Forming and Spreading Results

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Up To 400 Products Per Hour

Machine Dimensions:
36.6" Tall, 22.75" Wide, 26" Long, 150 Lbs

Electric 115-220V, 50-60 cycles, 4-8A

Product Size Ranges:
6"-12" Diameter Product Pans

Pan Style Ranges:
Aluminum & Foil Pans, Straight or Angled Sides (Cake or Pie)

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PDF Brochure


Cake Crumb Spinning Machine