Cake Depanning Machine

This cake depanning machine is designed to automatically depan a wide variety of sheet products that freeze to the sides of a pan. The pusher plate presses through the base of the bottomless pan and breaks the cake free of the sidewalls, eliminating the need for a blow torch and gloves to remove cakes from the pans. Removing the blow torch from the production process eliminates wasted time, cost, and liability to the bakery and management team. This machine is best for bakeries that depan 200 or more sheet cakes per run, or any bakery planning to remove blow torches from the production line.

Cake Depanning Machine - CD-9B-HS

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Up To 360 Products Per Hour

Machine Dimensions:
15" Tall, 18" Wide, 13" Long, 65 Lbs

Compressed Air 5 CFM @ 90 PSI

Product Size Ranges:
Depends on Product

Pan Style Ranges:
Aluminum & Foil Sheet Pans

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PDF Brochure


Half Sheet Frozen Cake Depanning Machine