Cheese & Butter Slicer and Ingredient Reduction Machine

This ingredient reduction machine uses a wire grid to cut up to 40 pound blocks of cheese or butter into smaller portions.  Each head contains a custom wire grid to cut the block into specific portions.  Heads and bases can be changed in minutes to cut various sizes of products and portions from square and rectangle pieces and wedges from cheese wheels. This unit is perfect for a cheese processor that is breaking down 40 Lb blocks of product into smaller pieces for individual sale, repackaging, or to be used in ingredients for other products. The machine is completely wash down ready and built to endure the a high production facility.


Ingredient Reduction Machine - 5-AF

Click HERE to see cheese, butter, and other ingredient reduction results.

For hard and semi-hard cheese wheels see the 5-AF-CW.

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Up To 120 Products Per Hour

Machine Dimensions:
26" Wide, 32" Long, 260 Lbs

Compressed Air 6 CFM @ 90 PSI

Product Size Ranges:
17" x 22", 40 Lb Block

Portion Size Ranges:
Depends On Product

Download PDF Brochure
PDF Brochure


Industrial Wire Cheese and Butter Cutting Machine