A cheesecake cutter is a key addition to any bakery’s production line. Automated equipment improves efficiency, reduces costs, increases consistency, and makes a better product. Bakeries around the world are working to incorporate automated depositors, crumb base spinners, ovens, freezers and more, and the cheesecake cutter is the ideal tool to automate the portioning process.

Cheesecake Cutter - CS-1FP

Round cake cutting machines are designed to fit into production lines, from a corner bakery, to a fully automated commercial food production plant. From the economical entry level CS-1FP (pictured above) slicing up to 60 cakes per hour, to inline machines like the ACCUSLICE-300RF cutting up to 900 cakes per hour. Whatever your production level, we have a portioning machine for you.

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FoodTools Divider Inserts - Cheesecake Cutter

Many FoodTools machines can cut cheesecakes and place a propriety Divider Insert between each slice. Not only do the paper dividers add to the professional presentation of the final product, but the paper helps keep the portions fresh as slices are being served.

When searching for a cheesecake slicing machine it is important to take into account the needed production speed, the sizes and number of portions of the cakes, and the temperature at which the cakes will be cut. FoodTools CS and ACCUSLICE machines utilize a stainless steel mechanical blade and are best for frozen cakes while the ACCUSONIC series machines incorporate an ultrasonic blade, allowing bakers to slice warmer and more delicate products. Product holders are designed for each size of cakes, making changeover between product lines easy and fast.

If you are looking for bakery equipment to automate your cheesecake production process contact FoodTools today and schedule a demo with our cheesecake cutter today!


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