The TS-1 tortilla strip cutting machine sets the industry standard for efficiently and accurately slicing tortilla rounds into narrow strips. The strips, from 0.25″ thick and larger, are used for toppings on soups, salads, or dished entrees and are a great way to spice up any meal.

Cutting Tortilla Strips With The TS-1

The TS-1 is designed to be a simple, yet robust tortilla strip slicing machine. A stainless steel ramp is used to slide various sizes of tortilla rounds into the rotating rollers, cutting tortilla strips from the rounds. Inside the machine the rounds are sliced thinly between the rollers and pushed out the bottom of the machine into a box or onto a tray or conveyor.

Cutting Tortilla Strips with the TS-1

The TS-1 slices tortillas virtually as fast as the operator can load them onto the ramp. A single tortilla is pushed through at a time, but smaller diameter rounds can be fed either single file, or side by side. The unit can sit on a table or countertop and only needs an electrical plug to operate. Safety in food production facilities is paramount, and the TS-1 is designed to exceed all safety standards.

cutting tortilla strips with FoodTools

Are you currently cutting tortilla strips by hand, or are you looking to add them to your product categories? Contact a FoodTools representative today to schedule a test cut with the TS-1!


Tortilla Industry Association