Beat the Heat with Ice Cream Cake

It’s summer and temperatures are peaking across North America. Even our own manufacturing plants get toasty this time of year, which makes test cutting ice cream cakes a favorite July activity for everyone at FoodTools! While a classic way to beat the heat is with a double scoop ice cream cone many of our bakery clients are adding their own ‘twist’ with some delicious ice cream cakes.

What’s better than ice cream cake? Ice cream cake with Oreos on top, of course!

Ice cream cakes are best eaten quickly (you know, that whole melting thing), but prepping the product for customers can be done fast too, streamlining the cutting process while ensuring consistent and accurate slices. FoodTools mechanical blade machines are great for simple frozen ice cream products while ultrasonic blades are used to slice more delicate and fancy creations. Whatever the tool, using a machine to portion ice cream treats ensures that everyone gets the same size slice of the pie, we don’t want any hurt feelings!

What do you get when you combine brownie slabs with and ice cream filling? An empty cake pan!

Divider Inserts are a great way to keep round cake wedge slices from melding back together and add to the professional presentation of the cake. Quarter, half, and full sheet cakes can be cut into squares, rectangles, or triangles and custom blades can be designed to cut the cake inside a box or pan. The type of ice cream cake will dictate if a mechanical or ultrasonic blade will be best, depending on the makeup of the layers, toppings, and core temperature of the product. Cake cutting really is a science, but taste testing is all fun!

Ummmm…. Yum!

Some of the world’s largest ice cream cake producers are using FoodTools machines to slice their products, so what are you waiting for? Contact a FoodTools representative to test cut your ice cream cakes today! Trust me, everyone at FoodTools will thank you!

Ice Cream Cake Portioning Equipment:

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