Slicing Tortilla Strips

Tortilla strips, the crispy ingredient for soups, salads, and festive foods everywhere, but how do you cut round tortillas into such long narrow chips? With the FoodTools Tortilla Strip slicing machine, of course!

The TS-1 tortilla stripper is built to cut round tortilla products into thin strips. This unique design uses two machined rollers that pull a full tortilla into the cutting station and process out thin strips to the customer’s specified width. It was designed to fit on top of a table and can be moved and stored when not in use, making it perfect for tortilla shops with limited space. The machine is fast, efficient, and accurate, reducing waste and eliminating bottlenecks for tortilla strip production lines.

If you’re interested in test stripping your tortilla products with the TS-1, contact a FoodTools representative today.



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