Over the years FoodTools engineers have been tasked with some pretty unique portioning projects. From marshmallows to soap, or gelatin to deli sandwiches, these products have called for some out of the box thinking, designing, and implementing to achieve the high quality portioning solutions that FoodTools is known for. So when we were tasked with building a mushroom cutting machine our designers first confirmed that it wasn’t a typo, and then got to work.


mushroom cutting machine by FoodTools

Bakery products come in a wide variety of temperatures and consistencies so mushrooms weren’t too far off the range of product characteristics that we’ve dealt with. The cut pattern though was new. These mushrooms didn’t need to be wedge slices or square cakes for the bakery display, each mushroom needed to be cut into a round shape, and then sliced horizontally into two halves.

FoodTools engineers achieved this with a two stage process integrating proven technologies with a few new twists. Once the mushrooms were loaded an automated process pushed them through two stages and perfectly round, half mushrooms popped out the other side at a rate of up to 2,000 products per hour.


Just like the 5-AF fitted to slice artisan soap bars, or a sheet cake cutting machine being used to slice gourmet marshmallows, the ACCUSLICE-100MC is built on a cake cutting base, but custom engineered to meet a different food processing need.


Mushroom Cutting Machine Video

So if you are making a unique food, or non-food product, for the world and are looking to automate the portioning process don’t hesitate to reach out to FoodTools, the Industry Leader in Portion Control.