Before you can dunk that delicious piece of biscotti in your latte it must be twice-baked and sliced to perfection. The process to bring a piece of biscotti from the bakery to your table is age old and has grown beyond its medieval Italian roots to become a modern worldwide food phenomenon. From breakfast bar with coffee to after dinner dessert dipped in wine, biscotti can be included in any culinary event.

Biscotti Cutting Machine

Bakers creating biscotti have turned to bakery equipment manufacturers to engineer automated processes to streamline production. The result is still an artisian treat, but removing some of the manual labor helps bakers produce better products at a lower cost. FoodTools has stepped in to design the ACCUSLICE-100BC, a rotary blade slicer for biscotti loaves.

ACCUSLICE-100BC - Biscotti Cutting Machine

Loaves of baked biscotti are hard and notoriously difficult to cut by hand. To improve accuracy, consistency, and quality, the ACCUSLICE-100BC automatic biscotti cutting machine uses a set of custom made rotary blades, designed to cut the exact target slice required by the baker for packaging or post production. With the bladeset installed, the baker can load multiple loaves and push them through the machine, slicing a tray full of biscotti in minutes.


Automating the portioning process has removed one of the most time consuming and inconsistent steps of biscotti production. Each biscotti product is uniquely different, and if you’d like to consider automating your portioning process with a biscotti cutting machine contact a FoodTools representative to schedule a test cut today!