Cutting Donuts In Half

Today, somewhere in the world, a donut is being cut in half with a FoodTools machine. Why cut a donut in half? Don’t ask silly questions…half or whole, donuts are delicious! How are donuts cut in half? Oh….let us show you.

The FoodTools CS-8 series machines are designed to cut bread and cake products into horizontal layers and as it turns out, they are also great at cutting donuts in half. The machines use a conveyor belt to load and convey the product to the reciprocating blade that cuts them into horizontal slabs. The design of the machine means products can be sliced as fast as they can be loaded onto the conveyor.

Once past the blade and portioned into top and bottom halves the finished product continues on to the offload side where it can be transitioned to another conveyor, dropped into a tray, or pulled off manually and moved to packaging. If you’d like to test cut your bread, cake, or donut product with the CS-8 series horizontal slicers contact a FoodTools representative today!

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