January.  A time when most people set goals for the New Year that quickly fade with February. But your business is different. Right now is the time to consider several key components to your business and how to improve over the next 12 months.


Cost savings is on the tip of every business owner’s tongue, but sometimes it is difficult to implement. FoodTools solutions can reduce the cost of your final product with improved efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.


FoodTools mechanical portioning machines bring a high level of efficiency to any food production line. By reducing the amount of handling and human labor needed to cut, slice, or portion food products the final cost is reduced and the ROI improves.


As business practices continue to become more precise, accurate measurements become more important with food prep and final production of bakery products. FoodTools mechanical systems ensure that each portion is exactly the planned size for packaging or display purposes. In the past uneven products would be scrapped, costing more for the end product. Reducing waste improves the bottom line.


Using a machine to portion your food products removes the opportunity for human error. Once the product is loaded mechanical systems are used to accurately position and portion the food product exactly the same every time. The end result is a precisely correct portion every time, no matter who is operating the production line.

Be sure to start the New Year off right by scheduling a meeting with FoodTools to discuss possible solutions for your bakery. We look forward to hearing from you!