State of the Tortilla Industry – 2016

blog_SFWB SOI BadgeFoodTools Regional Sales Manager Sergio Caballero was recently interviewed by Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery for their 2016 Tortilla State of the Industry report.

The report discussed the benefits of overall Mexican food growth and a more diverse flavor segmentation. Sergio added insight from an equipment standpoint, focusing on longevity and food safety.

One thing that I have been learning with the tortilla chip industry is that some of these chip manufacturers have been using machines that were made many years ago by their grandparents—who started the company—and haven’t replaced them since. It’s the old saying, ‘Why fix what’s not broken?’” But with safety and cleanliness standards having changed much in that time, as well as flavor and ingredient trends, Caballero has prioritized working with tortilla chip brands to be sure their products are made on machines that can deliver peak quality—and safety.

To review the article in its entirety click the Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery link here.

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