Slicing Parmesan By Hand? Try This!

Wheels of parmesan cheese are not small, which means it takes a lot of power to slice the wheels into wedges for retail and wholesale distribution. For centuries these wheels have been cut and portioned by hand with specialized cheese tools, but there is another way! The FoodTools CS-3SA Parmesan cutting machine is an industrial slicer with the power and precision to efficiently cut hard cheeses such as parmesan.  The photo below of a wheel of parmesan sliced into blocks is from a test demonstration on the CS-3SA.  The machine uses a powerful pneumatic system to slice through products using one stainless steel cutting blade.  The pressure of the thin blade cutting through the cheese gives a precise cut for each portion.

Parmesan Cutting Machine

Parmesan Cutting Machine - CS-3SA FoodTools

For cheese facilities with various types of cheeses and multiple cut patterns and portion sizes the CS-3SA offers flexibility with little change over time.  A custom built product holder gives the perfect support to different types and sizes of cheese.  The touch screen computer system gives the operator easy access to different cut patterns and portion sizes and can be changed with the push of a button.  The machine is wash down and works well in cheese facilities.  To test cut your cheese on this machine contact a FoodTools representative.


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