Industrial Tortilla Slicing

In recent years a buzz product in the food industry has been flat breads including pita and tortilla products. FoodTools has several machine solutions to slice and cut flat bread products into portions for chip production. The TC-2 is a high production machine designed to fit into an existing tortilla processing line where round tortilla products can be cut into wedges and then dropped directly onto a moving conveyor system. The high speed machine has two cutting stations that rotate on an axis allowing the operator to fill the outer cutting station while the stack of tortillas inside the machine is being sliced. This unique design allows the machine to cut chips while being reloaded at the same time, minimizing the overall cycle time and maximizing production rates.

Industrial Tortilla Slicing FoodTools

Industrial Tortilla Slicing Machines




To test cut your tortilla or pita products contact a FoodTools representative.


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