Mushroom Cutting Machine

It’s the age old problem. You have a bunch of portabello mushrooms and you want them all to be a consistent 3 inch round shapes and sliced horizontally in half. Well okay, it’s not really an age old problem, but it was a challenge that was brought to our FoodTools engineering crew. Introducing, the FoodTools ACCUSLICE-100MC.

Mushroom Cutting Machine

As food portioning experts our design and engineering teams have seen a wide variety of food product challenges. If it needs portioned, there’s a way we can do it. The portabello project had very unique needs, which dictated the direction of the custom built ACCUSLICE-100MC.

A machine operator loads 4 mushrooms abreast and the servo driven conveyor moves them through the cutting station, slicing up to 2,000 mushrooms per hour. Each portabello is pushed through a blade tube and then dropped onto another conveyor to be passed through a horizontal reciprocating blade. Finally, 3 inch round horizontally sliced mushrooms pop out of the machine like Dr. Seuss’ Star Bellied Sneetches.

The machine was built to the highest food safety specifications and meets BISSC, USDA, and CE requirements. If these alphabet soup of abbreviations don’t make sense, don’t worry, just know that the ACCUSLICE-100MC is safe, sanitary, and ready to be used in any food production facility.

FoodTools Mushroom Slicing Machine Video

While FoodTools is best known for cutting cakes and other bakery products, it’s not out of the ordinary, or out of our area of expertise, to tackle tricky food products such as mushrooms. If you have a unique food product that needs portioning contact FoodTools today.

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