Automatic Ultrasonic Cake Cutter

This automatic ultrasonic cake cutter with robotic technology is designed for continuous supplied product to be cut on the belt, in a box, or in a foil container. It is ideal for sticky, difficult to cut products. The machine can cut round, square, rectangles or triangles and is designed to employ ultrasonic cutting systems, servo driven conveyor, and is “wash down” compatible for ease of cleaning and sanitation. The upstream process can be automated by the addition of an auto load conveyor and the downstream process can be automated with an exit conveyor.


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To see round product cutting results click here.

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Up to 12 Products Per Minute

88" Tall, 63" Wide, 121" Long

Compressed Air 5 CFM @ 90 PSI
Electric 220V,30A, Single Phase
Potable Water 8 GPM

Product Size Ranges:
18" x 30" Rectangle
12" Round
Standard product height up to 3.25"

Portion Size Ranges:
Round: 2 - 24 Slices
Square: 1" x 1" and Larger

Download PDF Brochure
PDF Brochure


Robotic Ultrasonic Cake Slicing Machine