Fresh Mozzarella Cutter

This handheld fresh mozzarella cutter is built to slice small blocks of cheese or butter into thin slices, the size of which is determined by the customer. Each machine is custom built to cut a specific product to a specific thickness. This is great for any bakery or production facility slicing cheese or butter into thin slabs. Common product uses are cheese bites, cheese pieces for salads, butter cubes for ingredients, butter slabs for retail products, and more.


“I am really happy with the FMC. I showed it to my boss and he couldn’t believe how substantial it is.  He loved it.  Thank you again for this great product.”
– Dan Levering, Williams College

Fresh Mozzarella Cutter - FMC

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360 Products Per Hour

Machine Dimensions:
1.5" Tall, 6.5" Wide, 12" Long, 5.5 Lbs

Pusher And Base Human Power

Product Size Ranges:
8.5" Long x 3.5" Wide Products

Portion Size Ranges:
Depends On Product

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PDF Brochure


Wire Cheese and Butter Slicing Machine